Grantee Responsibilities

Terms of Grant

  • The grantee, as a condition of accepting the grant award, affirms that the entire proceeds will be used to implement the charitable purposes for which the grant is made.
  • Should the grantee wish to make any changes to the original “aims” of the project, prior approval from the Foundation is required.
  • The Mathers Foundation, upon notice to Institution, may terminate this Agreement and the Award for material breach of the Award Letter or this Agreement by Awardee and/or Institution. Material breaches include but are not limited to:
      1. Materially altering the Research Project without notice to and approval by The Mathers Foundation (Awardee shall obtain The Mathers Foundation’s written approval prior to making any significant changes to the scope, subject and/or aims of the Research Project or the Budget)
      2. Research misconduct or other occurrences that would negatively impact the reputation of The Mathers Foundation
      3. Any significant problems (including, without limitation, the discovery of any actual or possible research misconduct), delays, or adverse conditions that will or is likely to materially affect the Research Project, its objectives, time schedules or budget, together with proposed Awardee and/or Institution actions to address such problems, delays or adverse conditions, such as:
        • Discovery that any of the Award Amount has been spent other than for the purposes of the Research Project and as authorized herein;
        • Awardee or Institution is unable to complete, does not perform, terminates or suspends the Research Project;
  • All funds granted by the Foundation to the Grantee, until used by the Grantee for purposes of this grant, must be kept in a separate account and may not be used for any other purpose or invested in any manner that would jeopardize or impair their availability for the purposes of this Grant or for any return to the Foundation as required by these “Grantee Responsibilities”.
  • The grantee must secure Foundation approval in writing before releasing any public announcements or statements to the media regarding the grant, referencing it in internally produced publications, or making any commitments for permanent recognition of the Mathers Foundation.
  • The grantee is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Foundation’s Grant Agreement.

Reporting Requirements:

  • Progress reports must be submitted to the Foundation every 12 months. Any scheduled payment for a grant award will be withheld until the outstanding progress report has been received.
  • Progress Reports, at a minimum, should include a substantive discussion of the following:
    1. Summary of activities and findings from the performance of the Research Project during the year
    2. Comments regarding challenges for the grant period under review.
    3. An analysis of the metrics (milestones/achievements) for the grant period under review
    4. Outline of anticipated activities for the coming year.
    5. Budget reconciliation statement showing expenditures relative to the budget for such year
    6. List of publications, presentations, conferences, Intellectual Property, additional funding received from other sources, and any similar professional activities and outcomes supported by the Foundation